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After more than four years of Blasted dnb Parties in Berlin, we decided to go on tour. Get ready for rough basslines and heavily chopped beats, played by Blasted residents and friends. Where? In one of the sweetest locations in Prague, the truly underground cultural center Klubovna. Dancefloor just of the size we are used to from our home-club Lauschangriff, better sound and similarly well equipped bar! Pretty much walking distance from Prague Castle! :P

AND - We are very excited to announce Akira playing a vinyl classics set for us!

Akira (Let It Roll, (VINYL CLASSICS)
Molecular Structures (RS/DE, Medschool, Absys, Basswerk)
Uumm (DE, Bassport, Grand Hand)
Motul (DE, Blasted)
Vex (CZ, Pathfinder)
Skinny Bastard (Klubovna)
Vorel (Blasted)
Agem (Blasted) (B-DAY SET!)