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The Shell Collector (DE), Between the Planets

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Berlínská alterna-prog-postmetal-djentcoreová stálice The Shell Collector se cestou na italské Archetypes tour zastaví i v Praze!
Společně s nimi zahrají djentoví kazatelé Between the Planets pod taktovkou Martina Spacoshe.
The Shell Collector is a Berlin based band originally formed as the brainchild of Enrico Tiberi (Nrec, Dark Side Bright Side, 4Oceans). The project gave Tiberi a platform to experiment with some of his best riffs and ideas combining Rock, Pop, Progressive together with cinematic, psychedelic and classical elements, ultimately resulting in a full band line-up in 2012.
In 2016, with Tiberi moving to Berlin (Germany), the Shell Collector became fully formed and added Gianluca Gulino (HBRD, Animal Riot, Ex-King For A Day) on bass/vocals, Kay Ketting (Rocketting, The Sunpilots, ex-Airborne Kid) on drums/vocals and Marco Gennaro (Dark Side Bright Side, ex-Mammoth Mammoth) on guitar to the new line-up.
Their shared love for Rock, Progressive, Metal and Psychedelic shapes the backbone of The Shell Collector's new sound.
The Shell Collector's new full length record release "Archetypes" is now brought on stage in the European "Archetypes Tour" in Autumn 2023