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Ciao Lucifer (NL), Fialový samet

19:30 | 250 Kč
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Marnix and Willem have been using music to make friends since high school. “That friend group has gotten a bit out of hand, yeah” Willem chuckles. Marnix: “We don't feel too cool to be a feel-good band, but actually we sing about very personal stu. If the end result is that we make people happy and get them to dance, it’s mission accomplished.”
Ciao Lucifer’s shows are like a wedding where everyone marries each other. “A sweaty lady once shouted in my ear that our show was like an endorphin bomb, and I think that's quite accurately put” says Willem.
Their album Good News had an obsessive recording process, but the result is cheerful and energetic. Only when you listen more closely do you hear how they’ve woven their demons into the songs. Their sunny indie pop songs describe how they want to grow as men. Willem: “Strong and vulnerable, compassionate and self-assured, reliable and adventurous. All at once." Marnix adds: “Our biggest fear is Don Draper. We want to talk openly about our emotions, dreams and needs.”
There’s a lot to discover on Good News: oil to loosen the hips, food for thought and lyrics to sing along with, the first time you hear them.